My Guiding Principles


Preserve our Liberties

 Our nation was founded on the natural law that man is born with certain God-given unalienable rights (or liberties).  Our nation’s prosperity is largely derived from these liberties; and to ensure them, the Constitution was adopted to limit the government’s authority to infringe upon them. Without these liberties, our citizens would not have the freedom or the assurance that they may live without fear of their government; that they may go about their lives and commerce without interference. 


Strictly Adhere to the Constitution

 In the history of the world, no other nation has been governed by a single document longer than ours.  There is a reason for this—it was crafted with the collective wisdom that God gave our Founding Fathers.   


America First

 America is the most prosperous nation on Earth—which is a double-edged sword.  While this provides for a very high standard of living for us when compared to the rest of the world, it also causes those less-fortunate nations to seek our aid in whatever problems they face.