National Defense


"Peace Through Strength"

Our military should be strong and capable of responding to any foreign threat we face as a nation.  When we judiciously choose to send our men and women into battle to defend our nation, it should be with a clear mission, overwhelming force, and decisive leadership.



"Let the Free Market Reign"

The beauty of our economy is that when government stays out of its way, it will thrive.  There is no limit to the prosperity we can achieve if we will just allow the American consumers and businesses to conduct their business as they see fit--without the "help" of the government.

Illegal Immigration


"Stop The Invasion"

Statistically, every day Americans are killed, raped, assaulted, or otherwise harmed by illegal aliens.  Every single crime they commit is 100% preventable.  In addition, while they are here committing these crimes, the American taxpayers are subsidizing their lifestyle.  There is no excuse to allow this to continue.

Health Care


"Your Best Healthcare"

Healthcare is personal.  Our federal government has no idea what is best for your health?  That is between you and your doctor.  Period.  So, let's remove the obstacles government has placed between you and allow you to pursue your best healthcare.


Jason Mrochek for Congress Budget Deficit

"Constitutional Spending Only"

We desperately need a government that fits within our Constitution.  This begins with limiting our spending to those areas authorized in Article I, Section 8.  If we confine ourselves to these limitations, not only will we balance our budget, but we will pay down our debt rapidly!

2nd Amendment


"Shall Not Be Infringed"

Words still have meaning, and the 2nd Amendment is written in plain English.  There are no caveats or conditions.  

Shall. Not. Be. Infringed.